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Top 3 Reasons Why Late Winter Is the Best Time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Galena, IL

February 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Spring cleaning is a widespread tradition for businesses and home owners alike, and for good reason. Cleaning your indoor space after a long winter of being sealed up is a great way to remove lots of dust, dander, mold, and general dirt collected during the cold months. While spring cleaning is an important step to take in keeping your home or business a healthy, safe space, it may also be beneficial to schedule a cleaning for your carpets, in particular, during the late winter months. A cleaning in February or March can often be the best time to take advantage of a professional service. When you choose ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, you can expect year-round expert carpet cleaning in Galena, IL, in addition to the top three advantages you get with a late winter cleaning.


Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of carpet cleaning technicians can provide year-round deep cleaning with the best products available, attention to detail, and all-over high quality care for your carpets. Taking advantage of these services during the late winter will give you access to even more bonus perks including:


Providing preventative maintenance: Spring cleaning is great, but it can be even better for your carpets with pre-cleaning preventative maintenance in the late winter. Although you may clean your carpets in the spring, more frequent deep cleanings are key for a long carpet life. If dirt particles, mold growths, stains, and oils are allowed to stick around for long periods of time, they will begin to eat away at your carpet fibers. Cleaning in late winter primes your carpets for an even deeper cleaning in the spring, keeping your carpets looking better for longer.


Offering easier scheduling: Because of the global popularity of the spring cleaning tradition, it’s one of our busiest times of year. Even with our many cleaning crews on the go, sometimes it can be difficult for our customers to book a carpet cleaning appointment at the times that work best for them. While our cleaning services will always be available, and we will always try to work around your schedule, we still recommend the benefits a much more easily scheduled late winter cleaning can provide.


Breaking up the doldrums: February and March can seem like the longest months of the year (even though February is actually the shortest!) because they tend to drag out winter’s end. During this time, many of us are getting anxious for spring’s warmer, brighter weather. We can’t speed up time and make the cold weather go away, but we can offer a way to liven up these two months. A deep carpet cleaning in late winter can freshen up your life literally and figuratively during the dreary last legs of the cold season.


With all the benefits a late winter carpet cleaning offers, why wait? Contact us today at (866) 999-1980 to learn more about our services or to book an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning in Galena, IL.



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