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How Water Damage Prevails Months Later If Comprehensive Flood Damage Cleanup in Dyersville, IA, Is Neglected

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Of all the disasters your home or business can be exposed to, fires and floods are the most aggressively and insidiously damaging. Not only do these disasters leave immediate, often severe damage, but they both inflict additional damages in the long term. When it comes to floods and fires, the long-term damage occurring over weeks and months can be just as detrimental as the initial damage if proper clean up methods are not utilized right away. Because flooding in Dubuque County and the surrounding areas is a recurring issue, ServiceMaster by Knipper offers comprehensive flood damage cleanup in Dyersville, IA, as a part of our water damage restoration services.


Our flood damage cleanup teams and water damage restoration technicians provide the service and attention to detail needed for complete building recovery. We eliminate any potential for long-term damages and side effects related to flooding, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home or business is structurally sound and has a healthy indoor environment.


Taking advantage of immediate professional cleanup services like those we offer at ServiceMaster by Knipper is critical to remedying immediate damages and preventing long-term damages, including:


  1. Immediate structure damage to your home or building, both internally and externally
  2. Immediate damages to your electrical system, including wiring, appliances, lighting, filtration and ventilation systems, water heaters, and other electrically-powered building features
  3. Immediate damage to your plumbing system, including septic overflow, broken pipes, sump pump damage, filter contamination, and more
  4. Immediate damage to items inside your home or business, including furniture, flooring, decor, and more
  5. Long-term structure damage caused by excess moisture or exposure to flood contamination, including, rotting, swelling, or warping of wood, mold damage, metal corrosion, and more
  6. Long-term damage to your electrical system and plumbing system, including metal corrosion and mold growth
  7. Long-term damage to items inside your building caused primarily by mold growth and corrosion
  8. Long-term damage to your indoor air quality from mold growth, bacterial residue, flood waters, and other forms of contamination


Without the comprehensive flood damage cleanup care that our professional water damage restoration technicians offer to home and business owners, the immediate and long-term effects of a flood can cause very real building damages and health risks.


If you find yourself struggling with floods or other forms of water damage, contact ServiceMaster by Knipper at (866) 999-1980 for 24/7 emergency flood damage cleanup in Dyersville, IA.


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