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Plan Ahead for After the Holiday Season With Professional Carpet Cleaning in Galena, IL

January 24th, 2018 · No Comments

With the holiday season almost at its peak, many households and businesses will soon see an increase in festivities. The number of office parties, family get-togethers, and social occasions are at an all-time high from Thanksgiving to New Year’s across the country. While these events are times when caring and kindness can be readily shown, this time of year can wreak more havoc on your indoor cleanliness than any other time of the year. In particular, carpeting in homes and businesses can accumulate significantly more during these two holiday months than the remaining 10 months of the year. Protecting your carpeting from damage during this time of year is easy when you plan ahead with ServiceMaster Cleaning Services’ post-holiday professional carpet cleaning in Galena, IL.

Parties and other events during the holiday season can be a wonderful way to celebrate prosperity and quality relationships both in the workplace and at home. However, these occasions increase your carpet’s exposure to damaging materials including:

  1. Food is the number one culprit that can damage your carpets during the holidays at a higher rate than any other time of year. Because most parties feature food and a higher number of people eating that food over the carpets in your home or business, the holiday season festivities increase the risk that spills and crumbs can be introduced to your carpet. Acidic, oily, or abrasive foods can quickly damage carpet fibers without an effective cleaning.
  2. Alcohol is another contaminant that may be exposed to your carpets more frequently during the holiday season than any other time of year. Wine, liquors, and beer are all often present at holiday festivities, and they’re each powerful staining or burning substances that will damage or break down your carpet fibers if not remediated as soon as possible.
  3. Traffic over your carpets will increase at each holiday gathering, imposing more stress on carpet fibers with each footfall. This increase in foot traffic puts pressure on your carpeting, but if you take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services soon after the holidays, your carpet fibers can be rejuvenated and maintain their quality.

ther damaging materials like abrasive glitter, non-alcoholic drinks, road salt, snow, ice, and even everyday dirt are also exposed to your carpeting during the holiday season more than any other time of year.

Don’t let the holidays damage your carpets for good. Schedule a post-holiday professional cleaning today with ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, or contact us at (866) 999-1980 for more information about residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Galena, IL.

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