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Benefits of Carpet Grooming with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Platteville, WI

March 11th, 2016 · No Comments

Carpets, as we know them today, have been around for a long time. While aspects of carpet manufacturing have changed over the years, the basic product remains largely the same. Carpet cleaning techniques have changed substantially, with the ever-evolving development of equipment and sustainable cleaning products. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services takes pride in providing state of the art equipment and expert technicians with our professional carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI.

One carpet care technique that is gradually becoming obsolete is carpet grooming. Years ago, grooming was a regular part of professional and home cleaning routines. Today, the process is often neglected by homeowners and even professional cleaners.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of including carpet grooming as part of a comprehensive care routine.


Essentially, grooming a carpet is like brushing hair. Using a specialty carpet brush, our carpet cleaning technicians brush over the full area of the carpet to fluff up fibers crushed under furniture, straighten footprints, erase vacuum tracks, and evenout the carpet as a whole. Grooming can be done before a cleaning to loosen particles and make them easier to remove, or after a cleaning to fluff and even carpet fibers.


While the primary reason for carpet grooming was to maintain a smooth, flawless look in all areas of a carpet, we’ve found that there are many other advantages.

For example, grooming before vacuuming will loosen deep-set dirt, dust, and other allergens, allowing them to be easily removed during cleaning. It can also separate fibers to better allow detergents and cleaners to reach  fibers.

Grooming after a cleaning can spread fibers and leave them to dry evenly, preventing mildew and mold growth. The process also spreads  treatments, pulling the solutions to reach all fibers.

For a deeper clean and better longterm carpet care, grooming should be a vital part of all routine cleanings. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at 866.999.1980 for professional, comprehensive carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI.


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