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Importance of Window Cleaning with Our Janitorial Services in Dyersville, IA

January 6th, 2016 · No Comments

Even the newest commercial buildings require regular upkeep and preventative maintenance to protect building investments, both inside and out. While interior care like carpet cleaning and daily trash collection are unavoidable, exterior care like window cleaning is often neglected for too long. At ServiceMaster by Knipper, we provide comprehensive window cleaning with our janitorial services in Dyersville, IA. Like any other aspect of your building, your windows require regular cleanings to protect this asset. The beauty and integrity of your business’s windows can quickly fade in several aspects without routine attention. Energy efficiency is, believe it or not, linked to your window quality. Specifically, dirty windows can affect your building’s heating efficiency. When pollution and natural particles collect on your window surfaces, they begin to reflect and block UV rays. This may seem like an insignificant change in interior atmosphere, but with less sunlight and warmth entering through your windows, more internal energy is needed to heat your building. Cheap, low efficiency windows can also affect your energy expense rate with poorly-insulating glass.   Deterioration is another risk tied to a lack of window cleaning and maintenance. Glass is a porous material and captures dirt and other particles over time, leaving it pitted, fragile, or discolored.

  • Minerals are often present in city water from sprinkler systems and runoff from gutters. Most types of cement also leach calcium and other hard minerals that can streak down and leave crusts on window surfaces.
  • Acid rain is more common with today’s pollution levels, and it can gradually corrode and pit window surfaces.
  • Oxidization can occur when windows are framed in metal exposed to the elements. Rust and other oxidation stains can transfer to glass without regular cleaning.
  • Building materials like paint, mortar, chalk, and sealants can accidentally spread over windows during construction. Regular cleanings can quickly remove these materials before they permanently damage the glass.

 Building appearance is the most important target of maintenance with routine window cleanings. Keeping your windows pristine and shining adds to a professional appearance for your business and shows off an air of respectability to your clients. For more information about window cleaning and upkeep, contact ServiceMaster by Knipper for our janitorial services in Dyersville, IA. Our service lines are open at 563-875-2189.

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