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3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Carpet Cleaning Services In Platteville, WI After Office Parties and Events

December 21st, 2015 · No Comments

The end of September marked the beginning of the holiday season and a long stream of office parties, events, and celebrations. Unfortunately for your business’s carpets, this also means a barrage of increased traffic, spills, and general trauma. The right carpet treatment can negate this damage, extend your carpet’s longevity, and protect your investment. Call us at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for professional carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI.

1. Road Salt Residue

As temperatures drop, more salt is needed on the roads to keep the ice at bay. However, when salt gets trekked across your office floors on the feet of your employees, it may do more harm than good. When abrasive road salt particles are ground into your carpets fibers, the highly alkaline chemicals like calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, and magnesium carbonate can leave irreversible burns. Regular cleanings after high traffic events in the office can keep road salt problems at bay.

2. Food Stains

You can’t have an office party without a selection of treats, but greasy hors d’oeuvres and sticky desserts are the most dangerous foods for your carpet. Spills are inevitable, even with a group of well-trained adults. If these spills are left alone, the particles could get pushed deeper and deeper in the carpet fibers. Our professional cleaning crews can save your carpet from permanent stains.

3. Drink Spills

Most office parties and events feature one or more of the usual stain culprits, liquids that stain table cloths, clothing, and carpets around the world: wine and coffee. The tannins in both coffee and wine are highly concentrated compared to other drinks like fruit juice and tea. These acids can easily stain your carpet fibers and become permanent if left alone. A professional cleaning after an office event can take care of those unsightly wine and coffee spots.

Keep your carpets in great condition through the duress of the holiday season. Contact us at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for professional carpet cleaning services in Platteville, WI after your office events this year.

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