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ServiceMaster by Knipper for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dyersville, IA

June 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Two words: Mud Room, or one, mudroom, if you prefer. What does it bring to mind? For many people it’s the primary entranceway to their home. It’s the area where people not only wipe their feet, but in many cases remove their shoes and boots, sometimes leaving behind plenty of whatever was on them. The floor in the mud room is often tile, interlaced with grout. It’s often the flooring of choice for the bathroom, laundry or utility room, and the kitchen, not to mention the wall or shower tile and the backsplashes. It’s used where it is because it’s easier to keep clean compared to other material. But that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant or all that simple to deal with when it’s dirty. That’s when ServiceMaster by Knipper can help with your tile and grout cleaning in Dyersville, Independence, Manchester, and surrounding areas in eastern Iowa.

Porousness is the problem. All those tiny pores and cavities within the grout creates an excellent environment for dirt and grime to cling to. Grout is a combination of cement, sand and fine gravel mixed with water. The same characteristic that makes it easier to work with when wet makes it hard to keep clean when it’s dry. In the kitchen and bathroom areas, the small spaces between the grout particles are ideal for trapping soap scum, mildew and dirt. The longer that mixture stays embedded in the grout, the darker it gets and the more it accumulates. The result is a stretch of grout that stands out against the color of the adjacent tile. In kitchens that grout-gunk includes food particles and grease – plenty of organic molecules that will interact with each other to add odors to the stain.

What you need is someone to clean each type of grout properly, getting at the deep-seated filth, without damaging the grout or tile. ServiceMaster by Knipper can do that better than anyone else. If it can’t be cleaned and re-grouting is needed, we can do that as well. You’ll be surprised how bright your floors and other tiled areas look once we’re done. Contact ServiceMaster by Knipper for tile and grout cleaning in Western Dubuque, Delaware and Buchanan counties in Iowa.

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