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ServiceMaster by Knipper on Fire Safety in Dyersville, IA

June 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

If you search the Internet it’s not hard to find stories about a family that either lost their home or sustained fire damage due to improper use of a portable fireplace. We’re talking about the metal or ceramic containers that can stand on a deck or patio to burn small pieces of firewood or coals. The goal is to keep guests warm in the evening hours as they sit outside. Maybe the kids can roast marshmallows over it. Be careful. Even though it’s contained, you still have a fire next to your house, on your deck. In some communities, fire codes require any contained fire to be ten to fifteen feet away from a house or other structure. We’ve seen what happens when recreational fires get out of control. ServiceMaster by Knipper does fire damage restoration, repair, and cleanup.

Consider what can happen if hot coals or embers of any kind fall anywhere near your home or onto the surface of your deck. Guests or family may bump into the container, potentially injuring themselves, and spilling the contents. Sparks can fly upward with the warm air, toward the ceiling of a porch or onto the roof. Coals can fall under a deck, unseen until it’s too late. And then there’s the story of the couple that thought the fire in the portable fireplace was out until the wind picked up during the night and carried hot ashes onto their shingles.

Whatever type of outdoor fire you choose – a fireplace, fire pit, barbeque, or campfire – make sure it is properly tended and well away from any structure. Have ready two means of putting out the fire – water and a fire extinguisher, ideally. And if there is any type of wind above a mild breeze, don’t even try to start an outdoor fire.

Use the right type of fuel, don’t overload the fire, and don’t start it with dangerous propellants; use kindling or wood shavings. Remember why you wanted a fire – either for cooking or warmth – and build it just big enough to accomplish that goal. If it turns out badly, call us in Dyersville, Independence, Manchester, and surrounding areas in eastern Iowa. ServiceMaster by Knipper is your best choice for fire disaster repair in Western Dubuque, Delaware, and Buchanan counties in Iowa.


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