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How to Prevent Illness in Dyersville Workplaces

February 20th, 2015 · No Comments

The dirtiest places in your office may not be the areas where obvious grime and dirt appear. If you include the unseen germs – the invisible pathogens that can do the greatest harm to you, your workers, and your clients – then what you can’t easily notice may be what will hurt your business most. Few individuals think an ordinary doorknob or a perfectly empty tabletop require cleaning, yet they may harbor more germs outside of lunch rooms, restrooms, and computer keyboards. Take a moment and consider your office and its possibilities to spread illness this winter season. A professional cleaning service can be your solution for limiting illness and time away from work. If you’re concerned about your business, call ServiceMaster by Knipper for thorough office cleaning in Dyersville, Iowa and surrounding communities.

Germs can survive on dry flat surfaces such as desks and counter tops for a long time. According to Britain’s National Health Service, the cold virus can live for up to 24 hours on objects and remain transferable the entire time. Respiratory syncytial virus, which caused so many serious illnesses among children earlier this season, can live for six hours on tabletops and other surfaces. And then there’s the flu. Most flu viruses can also survive for up to 24 hours on any kind of flat surface. Now consider how often people in your office touch doors, door handles, knobs, countertops in coffee areas or work rooms, phone handsets, and computer surfaces. By the way, this year’s flu shot is not totally effective against the current strain, so while flu shots are still highly recommended, extra prevention isn’t a bad idea.

ServiceMaster by Knipper has the lowdown on the best cleaning solutions and methods to make your office safe this flu and cold season. The more frequently you clean and disinfect, the lower the risk to you, your staff and your customers. Let our professional commercial cleaning technicians get the bugs out of your business. Call ServiceMaster by Knipper for the best choice in office and business commercial cleaning in Dyersville, Dubuque, or Manchester, Iowa.

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