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Residential Tile Cleaning Services in Dyersville, IA

September 12th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster by Knipper also provides tile and grout cleaning services in Manchester and Independence, IA

Flooring materials have evolved tremendously over the last century. The steady transition from stone and wood to linoleum and vinyl surfaces, area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, composite wood floors, new hardwoods, and a range of modern tiles has been remarkable. Each variety presents a range of cleaning challenges. While we can clean them all, we wanted to focus on one of the more common types here – ceramic tile. It’s really a double cleaning problem, because the tile itself may have its own stains and grime, while the grout surrounding it may have another. Cleaning tile and grout requires knowhow and proper equipment. ServiceMaster by Knipper can meet the tile and grout cleaning needs of your floors in Dyersville, Manchester, and Independence, IA.

Grout is the sealant that fills in the spaces between the tiles and, if properly applied, keeps the flooring waterproof. It can contain fine cement, urethane, or epoxy, and can be tinted to complement the tile color or to create a uniform neutral shade that hides stains. Sometimes a sealer is applied over the grout to protect the surface, especially on older, more porous varieties. That’s where the cleaning challenges can arise. If sealant wears away or grout shrinks and expands, it can absorb dirt and any kind of spilled liquid. Those household spills may leave pigments in the grout, or enough organic material to cause odors. A simple mopping of the floor isn’t sufficient to reach these materials trapped beneath the surface. This is a special concern in kitchens and bathrooms, where you want to maintain the cleanest environment possible for the health of your family.

Stains can also seep into tiles if sealant is missing or accumulate on the surface due to improper cleaning. You may have been around when the tile was installed. If you happened to take a photo at that time or if you have a piece of extra tile, compare the color with the tile today. If they don’t match, it means your tile could use a thorough professional cleaning. If your grout isn’t the same color throughout the floor, then it’s retaining dirt as well. Cleaning tile and grout is our specialty. We have the training, techniques and equipment to meet the challenge of any hard surface floor. For the best in expertise and value, contact ServiceMaster by Knipper for tile and grout cleaning in Dyersville, Manchester, and Independence, Iowa.

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