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Odor Removal, Pet Cleanup, and Carpet Cleaning in Dyersville, IA

May 1st, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services | Dyersville, IA Odor Removal, Carpet Cleaning, and Pet Cleanup!

People with four-legged companions in the house know that there are three things you are likely to find every spring in the home – pet stains, pet odors and pet hair. The first two are the result of a long winter, but the hair is natural. Cats and dogs are losing their winter coats, getting ready for the warm summer weather, and leaving their hair all over your carpets and furnishings. Depending on the type and length of hair, a regular vacuum cleaner may not be the most effective weapon at ridding your home of this hairy mess. ServiceMaster by Knipper will get your home clean and free of pet hair with professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Dyersville, IA. You, your family, and your guests will be more comfortable and less susceptible to allergens with a refreshed home free of hair and pet odor.

We can easily remedy the problems of stains and odors as well. Stains caused by pets are some of the more difficult cleaning tasks to completely and effectively accomplish. ServiceMaster by Knipper uses the latest products and techniques to thoroughly remove stubborn stains, no matter the style, type, or pile of your carpet. Pet odors don’t always disappear with store-bought household cleaners. Our experts will deodorize fabric, textiles, drapes, floor coverings, and rugs, as well as your carpets. With everything smelling fresh, animals will be less likely to repeat the problems, and you’ll feel better about your home after a nice carpet cleaning.

This spring get your home clean and refreshed of all the remnants and accidents left by your pets. For the best in odor removal and rug and carpet cleaning in Dyersville, Manchester and Independence, call ServiceMaster by Knipper today.

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