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Spring Moisture and Water Damage Repair

March 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Galena, IL Water Removal by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

Water can get into your home from almost anywhere, but as the weather slowly warms, spring rains will be the most likely source. A major downpour can cause problems if the ground is already saturated and the moisture has no place to go. Anyone living downhill or in low-lying areas in Galena, IL or the surrounding counties may be susceptible and require flood damage cleanup. Even a moderate shower can be enough to cause moisture in your basement or crawlspace if there are cracks in your foundation from years of winter freezing and thawing. When disaster strikes and you need water damage repair in Galena, IL and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services.

Water removal and water damage restoration is worth preventing when possible. Now that the snow is gone, check around your house for cracks, leaks and drainage problems. If you’ve had to perform water damage repair before, you may be familiar with the weaknesses in your topography or the areas most likely to be the path of least resistance for rainwater.

Snow and ice over the past several months could also have exerted weight on outdoor faucets or valves, loosening fittings or causing minor cracks that expand when water is turned on in the spring. It’s not a bad idea to test your spigots and connections before hooking up the garden hose to wash off the patio or walk. Be proactive – taking a few extra minutes to check and inspect may save you from causing your own problems requiring flood damage cleanup!

Hopefully, spring will come in like a lamb and the weather will be pleasant. But if problems occur, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is ready to handle your water damage repair in Galena, Stockton, Elizabeth, and East Dubuque and conduct water damage restoration with prompt, professional service. Call us today!

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