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Carpet Cleaning Services: The Pile Holds the Proof

October 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Carpet Cleaning Tips by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning…have you ever really thought about how it’s done? Well, if you are like most people, you haven’t. When it comes to carpet cleaning, how it’s performed is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome. Basically there are two different processes for cleaning a carpet: the most effective process truly cleans and renews the carpet, while an inferior “dirt off the top” process only removes dirt from the top layer, leaving destructive dirt deep within the pile.  ServiceMaster Cleaning Services employs a thorough, multi-step carpet cleaning process which means your carpets will be exceptionally clean and revived.

A great deal of carpet cleaning companies use this type of cleaning process:

–        Vacuum the area

–        Spray stains and spots

–        Soak the carpet

–        Remove cleaning solution

In reality, this method is ineffective and stains return in no time at all. In addition, deeply embedded dirt that is not properly removed will continues to grind upon and weaken the fibers of the carpet pile. This greatly reduces the expected life of your substantial carpet investment.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services believes that your carpets deserve better. We don’t use the “dirt off the top” approach to carpet cleaning.  We use a proprietary, advanced carpet cleaning process:

–        Industrial strength vacuum to pick up the pile

–        Apply specialized crystalline detergent solution that defends against “stain return” meaning that carpets stay cleaner, longer

–        Prior to extraction, a cylindrical agitation device lifts and straightens the pile. This process clears the way for deep soil to be eliminated from the carpet pile

–        Next we use a powerful, truck-mounted 250 degree steam system, to extract the liquid, dirt, and residue. Steam Carpet cleaning also means that carpets dry faster

–        We post-treat any difficult stains

–        Groom carpets for consistent appearance and best possible drying

–        While carpets are drying, we place pads under furniture legs for protection

–        Finally, we inspect the space—with you—to make sure you are completely satisfied

Homes and businesses have been using ServiceMaster Cleaning Services carpet cleaning services in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois for over 40 years. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services to learn more.

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