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Improving Indoor Air Quality and Prepping Your Air Ducts for Spring Residential Cleaning in Platteville, WI

March 12th, 2019 · No Comments

With the bulk of winter finally passed, most homeowners are starting to put their minds toward a thorough spring cleaning. Spring cleaning has been an annual tradition for centuries, and for good reason. The springtime is one of the best seasons to clear out the dust, dirt, and dander that can collect in a sealed home during the winter. No cleaning experience is quite as satisfying as whipping open the windows and allowing fresh spring air into the house while your cleanup goes on indoors. That wonderfully fresh air might have more of a significance than just it’s refreshing and energizing qualities. The power of improved air quality is one of the most critical parts of a healthy indoor environment, and with the help of ServiceMaster Cleaning Services professional residential cleaning in Platteville, WI, you can have clean air ducts that improve your air even more than a spring breeze.


Clean indoor air is very important because not only can allergens like dust, pollen, and dander clog your air filters and float in your breathing space, but also even more dangerous particles like mold spores and the mycotoxins mold colonies release can contaminate your air if a regular cleaning is neglected.


Fortunately, the solution to improving your indoor air quality and making your home healthier overall is simple. With ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, our residential cleaning technicians can thoroughly and expertly clean your home air ducts. When you choose to take advantage of our residential cleaning services for your home air ducts, you are opting for cleaner air with the reduction of these most common contaminating particulates:


  1. Dust mites and dander from the people and pets that inhabit your house. This includes any of the nasty bits we don’t like to think about, such as small cell particulates from hair, skin, oils, nails, body fluids, and anything else naturally shed off of mammals.
  2. Dust particles from any other organic materials, including outdoor or indoor plants, bacteria, drywall, paint cellulose, and more.
  3. Mold contaminants, including living mold spores, mycotoxins released from living mold colonies, and dead mold particulates.
  4. Metals and inorganic dust particles from building materials like paint, finishes, and drywall, or tracked in from the outdoors on shoes, feet, coats, bags, and more.


Additionally, while most homes don’t have the air filter capacity that hospitals and clean rooms do, a high functioning air filter can still play a significant role in reducing general airborne bacteria and viruses.


Not only will clean air ducts improve the cleanliness and healthiness of your indoor air, it will also go a long way in reducing unwanted odors caused by free-floating particulates.


If you’re gearing up for a good spring cleaning, take a moment to think about your air quality. Even if you plan on tackling most of the cleaning yourself, there is a lot to gain with the services that our team of residential cleaners provides with air duct cleaning. To learn more about our residential cleaning in Platteville, WI contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 today.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Late Winter Is the Best Time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Galena, IL

February 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Spring cleaning is a widespread tradition for businesses and home owners alike, and for good reason. Cleaning your indoor space after a long winter of being sealed up is a great way to remove lots of dust, dander, mold, and general dirt collected during the cold months. While spring cleaning is an important step to take in keeping your home or business a healthy, safe space, it may also be beneficial to schedule a cleaning for your carpets, in particular, during the late winter months. A cleaning in February or March can often be the best time to take advantage of a professional service. When you choose ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, you can expect year-round expert carpet cleaning in Galena, IL, in addition to the top three advantages you get with a late winter cleaning.


Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of carpet cleaning technicians can provide year-round deep cleaning with the best products available, attention to detail, and all-over high quality care for your carpets. Taking advantage of these services during the late winter will give you access to even more bonus perks including:


Providing preventative maintenance: Spring cleaning is great, but it can be even better for your carpets with pre-cleaning preventative maintenance in the late winter. Although you may clean your carpets in the spring, more frequent deep cleanings are key for a long carpet life. If dirt particles, mold growths, stains, and oils are allowed to stick around for long periods of time, they will begin to eat away at your carpet fibers. Cleaning in late winter primes your carpets for an even deeper cleaning in the spring, keeping your carpets looking better for longer.


Offering easier scheduling: Because of the global popularity of the spring cleaning tradition, it’s one of our busiest times of year. Even with our many cleaning crews on the go, sometimes it can be difficult for our customers to book a carpet cleaning appointment at the times that work best for them. While our cleaning services will always be available, and we will always try to work around your schedule, we still recommend the benefits a much more easily scheduled late winter cleaning can provide.


Breaking up the doldrums: February and March can seem like the longest months of the year (even though February is actually the shortest!) because they tend to drag out winter’s end. During this time, many of us are getting anxious for spring’s warmer, brighter weather. We can’t speed up time and make the cold weather go away, but we can offer a way to liven up these two months. A deep carpet cleaning in late winter can freshen up your life literally and figuratively during the dreary last legs of the cold season.


With all the benefits a late winter carpet cleaning offers, why wait? Contact us today at (866) 999-1980 to learn more about our services or to book an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning in Galena, IL.



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How Water Damage Prevails Months Later If Comprehensive Flood Damage Cleanup in Dyersville, IA, Is Neglected

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Of all the disasters your home or business can be exposed to, fires and floods are the most aggressively and insidiously damaging. Not only do these disasters leave immediate, often severe damage, but they both inflict additional damages in the long term. When it comes to floods and fires, the long-term damage occurring over weeks and months can be just as detrimental as the initial damage if proper clean up methods are not utilized right away. Because flooding in Dubuque County and the surrounding areas is a recurring issue, ServiceMaster by Knipper offers comprehensive flood damage cleanup in Dyersville, IA, as a part of our water damage restoration services.


Our flood damage cleanup teams and water damage restoration technicians provide the service and attention to detail needed for complete building recovery. We eliminate any potential for long-term damages and side effects related to flooding, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home or business is structurally sound and has a healthy indoor environment.


Taking advantage of immediate professional cleanup services like those we offer at ServiceMaster by Knipper is critical to remedying immediate damages and preventing long-term damages, including:


  1. Immediate structure damage to your home or building, both internally and externally
  2. Immediate damages to your electrical system, including wiring, appliances, lighting, filtration and ventilation systems, water heaters, and other electrically-powered building features
  3. Immediate damage to your plumbing system, including septic overflow, broken pipes, sump pump damage, filter contamination, and more
  4. Immediate damage to items inside your home or business, including furniture, flooring, decor, and more
  5. Long-term structure damage caused by excess moisture or exposure to flood contamination, including, rotting, swelling, or warping of wood, mold damage, metal corrosion, and more
  6. Long-term damage to your electrical system and plumbing system, including metal corrosion and mold growth
  7. Long-term damage to items inside your building caused primarily by mold growth and corrosion
  8. Long-term damage to your indoor air quality from mold growth, bacterial residue, flood waters, and other forms of contamination


Without the comprehensive flood damage cleanup care that our professional water damage restoration technicians offer to home and business owners, the immediate and long-term effects of a flood can cause very real building damages and health risks.


If you find yourself struggling with floods or other forms of water damage, contact ServiceMaster by Knipper at (866) 999-1980 for 24/7 emergency flood damage cleanup in Dyersville, IA.


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Why Professional Damage Assessment Is Key to Full Fire Damage Restoration in Manchester, IA

December 14th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire damage is one of the most pervasive and damaging consequences that can affect a building with both long- and short-term detriment. When a fire affects a building of any kind, it’s critical that immediate action is taken to reverse the destruction and prevent further soot and smoke damage from occurring. If your home or business is hit with a structure fire, taking advantage of professional assistance is the most important step to a full recovery and a safe restoration process. ServiceMaster by Knipper provides comprehensive, high-quality fire damage restoration in Manchester, IA, that quickly and effectively returns your building to pre-loss conditions.

Unlike other types of building destruction, fire damage can negatively affect a building on several levels. These levels of damage can’t always be fixed or even detected by those who are not trained in fire damage restoration procedures. Because of this, the professional assessment and restoration work of trained technicians like those on our team are fundamental to a complete building recovery.

Our team of fire damage restoration technicians utilizes a detailed assessment strategy that gives us the information we need to understand the full extent of the damage done to your building and the potential for further damage down the line if preventative measures are not taken.


This assessment strategy tells us:

  1. What fire damage has been done to the basic structure of your building, including its skeleton, walls, ceilings, floors, roof, and other basic elements
  2. The best way to remove damaged elements, and construct and integrate new parts into your building
  3. What damage has been done to design elements of your building, including which elements can be salvaged and which must be replaced
  4. The best way to replace or repair damaged design elements
  5. What items inside the building have been damaged, including furniture, appliances, and personal belongings
  6. Which of these items can be salvaged and which must be replaced
  7. How the electrical and plumbing systems in your building have been damaged
  8. The best way to repair and replace elements of those electrical and plumbing systems
  9. What overall initial fire damage has occurred throughout your building
  10. What soot and smoke damage has already occurred throughout your building’s interior and exterior
  11. The best way to remediate the soot and smoke damage, including removing all soot and smoke, and preventing any further damage down the line
  12. The best way to fully restore your building without any risk to an occupant’s health


While it may be possible for you to repair your building after a fire without the help of a professional fire damage restoration company, it’s almost impossible to completely fix the damages and remove the risk of health effects without the right knowledge or tools.


Contact ServiceMaster by Knipper at (866) 999-1980 for emergency 24/7/365 fire damage restoration in Mancehster, IA, today.

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When and Where Mold Removal is an Important Part of Residential Cleaning in East Dubuque, IL

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

With its high humidity, summer is often considered the best time for mold growth to occur, but the colder months can promote conditions where indoor mold growth is more likely than in the summer. Because most homeowners seal windows, doors, and other entryways, moisture can easily become trapped inside. Combined with warmth of heating systems and bodies this can lead to mold growth throughout the home. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides comprehensive, professional mold removal with our complete residential cleaning services in East Dubuque, IL, so your home can be mold-free year-round.


Mold spores exist nearly everywhere, inside and outside. These spores don’t often pose a health risk unless they are highly concentrated, like they are near mold colonies which release spores in great numbers. When those spores take residence in your home and start to grow and expand as fully-developed mold bodies, it means bad news for your home and family. Exposure to mold colonies means exposure to greater concentrations of spores and the harmful mycotoxins they release into the air.


Mycotoxins can cause neurological, respiratory, cardiological, and even nervous system damage. Infants, children, pets, and the elderly are all at a greater risk to these effects. Keeping your loved ones safe from mold exposure starts with a clean home. However, mold can easily elude even the most attentive homeowners. For example, our residential cleaning specialists often tackle secret mold colonies in indoor spots including:


  • Cabinets: Mold likes to grow on organic materials where moisture and warmth are plentiful. This means mold spores often take root inside wooden cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Often mold hides in cabinets too high up to easily look inside or on the top inside panel of low down cabinets.
  • Ceilings: You might clean your bathroom and kitchen regularly, but it’s common for homeowners to forget that ceilings are also made from organic components like gypsum in drywall and cellulose in paint. The ceilings where moisture and heat rise to often can easily accommodate large colonies of black, pink, white, and gray household molds.
  • Appliances: Kitchen appliances and other mechanisms can also be guilty of supporting mold colonies because they are frequently exposed to organic particulates (food, bacteria, dander, dust, etc.), moisture, and heat. Mold can be found lurking underneath refrigerators, behind washing machines, and around dishwashers.


These examples of when and where mold may hide in your home are just a few of many, but fortunately all mold can be removed with the help of our expert residential cleaning technicians.


No matter how clean your home appears on to the naked eye, it’s possible there is mold growth somewhere that is lowering your indoor air quality and damaging your property. Get rid of dangerous mold today and contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 for comprehensive residential cleaning and mold removal in East Dubuque, IL.

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Understanding Pretreatment and Post-Treatment Benefits With Professional Carpet Cleaning in Platteville, WI

October 1st, 2018 · No Comments

When you call in a professional carpet cleaner for your home or business, you should be able to trust that provider to give honest, reliable, and high-quality care to your carpet investment. When you choose ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, you will get the best expert carpet care and customer service in the industry. Our carpet cleaning technicians work from the ground up, starting with a pretreatment and ending with a post-treatment. Unlike companies that charge for pre and post treatments but don’t give your carpets that true extra care, all of ServiceMaster Cleaning Services treatments are key components of a comprehensive process for carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI.


When it comes to carpet cleaning, we find that a step-by-step process is the most efficient way to providing high-quality services and a complete, deep clean. With our direct, nine-step carpet cleaning system, you can trust our cleaning technicians with even the most delicate job, from office carpets to area rugs. In a nutshell, this nine-step system includes:


  1. Carpet assessment
  2. Pretreatment
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Washing
  5. Rinsing
  6. Post-treatment
  7. Grooming
  8. Drying
  9. Final inspection


Every step in this system is critical to a truly comprehensive carpet cleaning, including pre and post treatments, but sometimes it can be unclear what these services involve and what they add to the process.


The Process


Pretreatment utilizes cleaning products designed for this specific process. To pretreat your carpets, our carpet cleaning technicians cover fibers in a pretreatment solution that may vary depending on carpet type and cleanliness levels. This solution works to release ground-in dirt, oils, and difficult to remove particulates before the full cleaning process begins. Post-treatment is an important step in the carpet cleaning process that occurs even before grooming and drying. This step works to fully remove stains that stuck around even after a deep clean, deodorize your carpet in full, and apply any protective finishes necessary to maintain color and fiber quality in the long term.


The Benefits


With the addition of pre and post treatments into a carpet cleaning process, your floors gain a number of benefits. These treatments are key in complete removal of deep-set dirt, difficult-to-remove stains, odors, and more. Not only does this cosmetically improve the appearance of your carpets and the environment of your home or business, but it also provides a cleaner, healthier floor, which leads to better indoor air quality and long-term carpet quality.

Bring your Carpets Back to Life With Professional Carpet Cleaning!

At ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we want our customers to have all the information they need before taking advantage of the quality carpet cleaning services we offer, including full disclosure of our pre and post treatments. To learn more about our services for carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI and more, contact us at (866) 999-1980 today.


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Summer Rains and Over-Saturation in Topsoil Demands Water Damage Cleanup in Galena, IL

September 6th, 2018 · No Comments

As summer comes to an end, the accumulation of precipitation from seasonal rainstorms, humidity, and overall wetness has saturated the topsoil up and down the Mississippi River banks and surrounding areas. This watery time of year may be brief, but for the time it lasts, residential and commercial districts run the risk of building damage from soggy earth. If you’re struggling with any type of water damage affecting your home or business, calling in professional water damage cleanup experts is the best way to prevent negative long-term effects and stop mold in its tracks. With ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, you can rely on our team to provide comprehensive water damage cleanup in Galena, IL in the event of a flood or other water damage.


Over the last 200 years, the flow of the Mississippi River and its tributaries has been slowly altered. In an effort to control the water moving through the riverbeds and improve opportunities for shipping up and down the long river, levees and other permanent structures were built up over the years. While these structures have helped to greatly expand the shipping economy in the central US, they may be increasing risks of flooding in surrounding urban and rural areas.


Some studies show that the flooding patterns in the Mississippi River and surrounding tributaries are “worse than any other time in the past 500 years.” After frequent summer rains raise the water levels around Galena, the topsoil reaches peak saturation. While the changing season often marks a drop in precipitation allowing the soil to dry out, the next few months must endure wet ground.


Besides an increase in minor flooding and overall muddiness, over-saturation of the topsoil can cause serious water damage issues in homes and businesses.

Problems With Saturation


After heavy, consistent rains or localized flooding, the topsoil in certain areas can reach full saturation. When this occurs, your home or business is susceptible to mild to severe water damage. This damage has more potential to develop in urban areas located on poorly drainage sites, such as river banks or other clay-rich soils. Saturated topsoil around a building can lead to:


  1. Foundation and other structural cracks due to swelling from water intrusion into porous parts of a building or from the shifting of saturated soils.
  2. Flooded basements from continued exposure to high water contents in soil around a building.
  3. Pressure damage from expanding and contracting soil as water saturation fluctuates.
  4. Decaying or damaged soft building material, including wood, drywall, and even cement.

Finding Reliable Water Damage Cleanup Help

No matter what type of building you own, the foundation and lower levels of that house or business are vulnerable to water damage, especially during times of over-saturated topsoil. Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for emergency, expert water damage cleanup in Galena, IL, if your building is located in a commonly flooded or saturated area. Place a service request at (866) 999-1980 today.


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Three Reasons to Call in Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration in Dyersville, IA

July 17th, 2018 · No Comments

One of the most difficult problems to fix in a building is the damage left after a fire. The extreme heat and consuming combustions that tear through the wood, glass, drywall, plaster, paint, and even metal making up the exterior and interior structures of a home is a powerful force. Even small fires can significantly affect a home with damaging soot and smoke residue that slowly eats away at anything it touches.

The difficulty of restoring a building after a fire can seem unsurmountable, but with the help of a professional, the process can be managed efficiently and with little hassle. With ServiceMaster by Knipper, you can count on our trained technicians to put your home into full recovery with comprehensive fire damage restoration in Dyersville, IA.

Damage left after a fire can exhibit a wide range of severity. Some fires burn a home down to the bare minimum of restorability, while others may only scorch a room’s interior. With all house fires, however, a professional restoration company is a critical resource for a safe home and a full recovery.

Safety: The number one reason you should contact a professional fire damage restoration company after your home is affected is for safety reasons. Our technicians are trained and continually review and update their knowledge of fire damage and the best remediation techniques. We also equip our teams with state-of-the-art restoration tools, safety gear, and anything else they may need to protect themselves in the process of fire damage mitigation. Attempting to restore your building or even clean up after a fire without the proper knowledge and equipment is a dangerous and unnecessary risk. Contacting ServiceMaster by Knipper for help is the best course of action for your health and the well-being of your home.

Quality: ServiceMaster by Knipper is an IICRC-certified fire damage restoration and cleaning company. We’re dedicated to maintaining a technical service that meets high standards in every aspect and offering continued customer service throughout the process. Our restoration teams provide ground-up recovery for your building, from cleaning out damaged materials and fire debris to full reconstruction and interior cleaning.

Insurance: An unanticipated difficulty often experienced during fire damage restoration is negotiating with insurance providers. With the help of ServiceMaster by Knipper, our restoration and project management teams work with your insurance company through restoration costs and overall procedures for the best results. It’s part of our goal as a restoration company to reduce your stress in this difficult time.

Handling the uncertainty that house fires leave behind is a burden, to say the least. As a professional disaster recovery and restoration company we want to be your friend and ally in times of struggle. ServiceMaster by Knipper is here with comprehensive fire damage restoration to help you recover in Dyersville, IA. Contact us at (866) 999-1980 for more information or to place an emergency service request today.

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All the Secret Places in Your Home We Catch With Residential Cleaning in Oelwein, IA

June 20th, 2018 · No Comments

The time for spring cleaning has passed, but many homeowners are enjoying a cleaner home for the start of the summer because of the hard work they put in to vacuum, scrub, sweep, dust, and shine their houses inside and out. However, while your home might feel great and your efforts are important in keeping a clean indoor environment, your house might not be as clean as you think. To get a truly immaculate home from top to bottom, calling in a professional cleaning company is key. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides the high-quality deep clean that can truly benefit your home with our comprehensive residential cleaning in Oelwein, IA.

Even with the vigorous cleaning efforts, there are often places that are missed by the average homeowner. When you take advantage of the training, powerful equipment, and cleaning products our cleaning technicians offer, you’re giving your home the gift of a truly deep clean.

When our cleaning technicians take on a residential cleaning project, we often see that there are common areas that are forgotten, hidden, or difficult to clean. These areas are frequently in need of special attention to complete a cleaning job in full.

The places that often get missed in the regular cleaning routine most homeowners implement include:

Trim: Dirt and dust tend to collect along the tops of baseboard trim, molding, and paneling. These accents can add a lot to interior decoration, but if they look grimy, that quickly detracts from any cosmetic value they might have. Our cleaning technicians can remove even the oldest dirt from the deepest crevices in your home’s trim.

Appliances: Refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves—all of these appliances are frequently only given a superficial treatment on cleaning day. Dirt often lurks beneath and behind, sticks to the sides, and creeps into the cracks or lining of all household appliances. For a truly clean home, every appliance should be given the care a ServiceMaster Cleaning Services deep clean can provide.

Fans and fixtures: Lights, fans, and other fixtures will inevitably collect dust. Because most homeowners focus their cleaning attention to eye level and below, these parts of a house can get missed in the regular routine. We tackle the cleaning process from floor to ceiling so fans, fixtures, and more can shine too.

Window sills: The gaps between windows, screens, and winter seals are often missed along with the window sills of a home. Clean glass doesn’t mean much when your window sills don’t match. Our cleaning technicians give your windows and sills the attention they need to look great.

The bottoms of things: There are many areas of your home that have a bottom. Underneath countertop edges, door frames, cabinets, sinks, furniture, and more can be dust free with our comprehensive residential cleaning services.

For more information about our professional residential cleaning in Oelwein, IA, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 and place a service request today.



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Revitalize Your Old Carpets With Professional Carpet Cleaning in Independence, IA

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

Carpets can be a great way to accent an indoor space while adding comfort and warmth. They can even act as natural air filters, catching particles in their fibers and improving indoor air quality. When carpets start to age, however, they pose a number of problems for homes and businesses alike. Replacing carpets is expensive and complicated, but with ServiceMaster by Knipper, you can revitalize your old carpets with our professional carpet cleaning in Independence, IA for a fraction of the price of a new installation.


When carpets age, they often look unclean and can create health risks if the dirt that buildups deep in the base of the fibers isn’t addressed. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians have the experience, training, and state-of-the-art equipment your carpets need to reverse their aging process and to look clean and pristine.


Old Carpet Issues


Some of the biggest problems that occur when carpets begin to age can be treated and reversed with our professional carpet cleaning solutions. This includes:


  1. Stains from pets, food and drink, road salt, mud, oils, and more
  2. Indentations and crushed fibers from furniture and heavy traffic areas
  3. Uneven areas caused by poor cleanings, lack of vacuuming, and level of use
  4. Odors caused by stains, mildew and other mold growth, bacteria, and age in general
  5. Dirt ground in over time that can’t be picked up with the household vacuum
  6. Ripples and folds in the carpet from overstretched sections
  7. And much more!


If the carpets in your home or business are starting to look a little worse for wear, our residential and commercial carpet cleaning technicians are just a phone call away. Installing new carpets can cost you hundreds of dollars that you don’t need to spend when you can revitalize your current carpets with our affordable, stress-free service. We also provide comprehensive upholstery cleaning in addition to our complete professional carpet cleaning package, so you can breathe new life into aging furniture along with your carpets.


Contact ServiceMaster by Knipper today at (866) 999-1980 to place a service request or to learn more about our residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Independence, IA.

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